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Bird's eye view of the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic affected the entire humanity and it is rapidly spreading like wildfire despite the many efforts to desist the spread of infection. In the Philippines alone, it has reported a total of 1,857,646 active cases, and 31,961 deaths in total as of August 23, 2021 ( *source and to top it all, the younger population is being haunted too. According to the latest data from the Department of Health as of August 12, 2021, a total of 61.20% of COVID cases affected the members of the community ages 17 years and below. This direful running rate is an added stress to each household. The burden of protecting oneself self and protecting the younger members of the family from something that is invisible to the naked eye is dreadful. Apart from staying protected against the virus, staying financially stable is equally important too.

Road to economic recovery

According to, there are 3 factors that will drive economic recovery: vaccines, domestic policies, and the country's specific structural factors. While some articles featured that first-world countries will be at the forefront towards economic recovery, there are no absolute statistics nor formulas which can prove that.

While the world waits for a COVID-free nation, there are new norms that are believed to stay even right after pandemic (*source : The article has identified 6 new norms that are here to stay and one of the things being mentioned are : telehealth/virtual health care and work from home. The pandemic has paved the way towards the growing acceptance of telehealth visits. It was made mention that there has been a total of 154% increase in telehealth visits ( 2020) as compared to the previous year. Numbers do not lie, and this is a pure testament that telehealth is here to stay even after pandemic. The second noticeable new norm that is here to stay is -the work from home option, according to the article

" Now that more companies support a WFH (work-from-home) and remote culture—and most professionals have found ways to make it work without a loss of productivity—the numbers of people working at home are sure to increase, according to Harvard Business Review Employees can enjoy less commuting time and costs and spend more time with family, while employers save money on space, heating, and cooling".

The advent of this new trend will give a lot of opportunities for Filipinos to stay financially stable while staying close to their loved ones. MEDVA is a US-based service provider that bridges doctors and VAs. Our platform does not only help build businesses but also helps build better lives. Our advocacy is to uplift the lives of Filipino families by creating better opportunities where they can achieve financial stability while securing their family's future.

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