Work from Home : The rise of the new normal

While the world is constantly at war with the savage wrath of COVID 19, everyone is silently fighting the mental torture of how their future will look like. This pandemic has crushed so many dreams as businesses were forced to close, companies had to lay off thousands of staff thus, impacting every household. Painting the real picture in the Philippines, here are the key highlights in an article published by last March 30, 2021

· Unemployment has worsened with 4.2 million Filipinos reported jobless in February this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

· “The survey also showed that 1.5% of the employed Filipinos were unable to go to work due to lockdown restrictions as of last month, a bit higher than January's 0.5%”

· “The top reasons cited for work interruptions during this period were their nature of work, reduction in clients, stricter lockdown rules, and medical limitations.”

· “The February survey also bared that 9.1 million Filipinos experienced being temporarily or permanently laid off during the pandemic.”

The overwhelming data is a pure testament to how this has affected the labor force. Others now reallocate their resources into finding another source of income by maximizing the digital platform. Others have now evolved into becoming online sellers, but how about for those with one last straw of resource and who cannot afford to take risks? Well, there is a low-lying fruit waiting to be picked. Why not sell your skills online and enjoy the benefits of working from home. The beauty of selling your skills is that you do not need a lump sum investment and wonder if it will pay off after a few months, all you need to do is to sell your skills and market yourself to your future employer. Imagine a world of opportunities where you can showcase your skills in an international arena , getting premium rate per hour while staying at home? It is simply living the best of both worlds!

In an article published by, it has stated the top reasons why foreign companies outsource from the Philippines:

· Filipinos are fluent in English

· High work ethics

· Cost-efficient in terms of operational expense

· Highly versatile

Work from home is something Filipinos should harp on as we have gained our reputation to a lot of international companies to date. Why risk your safety and your family’s safety and get paid on a monthly basis, when you can stay at home, stay with your family while getting paid in dollars per hour? While we cannot undermine the value of money waiting for you when opting to choose to work from home, the important message here is to find the means on how to protect your finances, secure your future while keeping your family safe. If you think work from home is for you, have a chat with us, and let’s start building your future in the comforts of your home.

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