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We don't work hard.
We work smart.

The MedVA Difference

Company Values

MEDVA Aims to unlock the full potential of Filipino Medical Professionals so that they may pursue their professions and be dignified with the highest compensation and unmatched fringe benefits in the market today. Working from home has never been this awesome.

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People Focused

MedVA do not just help build businesses; we also help create better lives. Our passionate advocacy is embedded towards appreciation and love for Filipino talents in the healthcare industry. Undeniably, the Philippines is where hardworking, dedicated and highly skilled medical professionals are nestled, and we stand with one single truth- great talent and hard work should be appreciated and REWARDED. We do this by offering industry-leading compensation and benefits packages. We offer a premium hourly rate with a premium retirement plan to all our VAs.

Values Oriented



We recognize that every individual is uniquely special, and we want to invite a culture where we treat each other as a family. We believe in using our differences to innovate ways and generate ideas to improve our operations.



Our VAs are agile, adapting to any changes and weathering any challenge. We train them to be flexible in an ever-changing world, so they can rise to the top.



To consistently exceed client expectations by providing high-performing virtual assistants that are the best choice to achieve their business objectives.



We will guide you and demonstrates how commitment is a valuable asset to our company, and be eager and reliable when it comes to completing tasks.



We always seek to create impact not only for businesses, our team and their families, but even more so, to use our platform to uplift the lives of more Filipino families by creating more job opportunities.



Integrity is an essential quality that every virtual assistant should possess. This means we will nurture you to act based on ethical principles, uphold client information confidentiality.

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Power up your
work-from-home career



Quality Training

We take high regard in the quality of our training, and what better way to learn is to gain knowledge from the experts themselves. Our founders engineered the training content and structure to ensure that everyone was properly equipped.

Learning never stops, so we provide periodic training regardless of where you are with your journey with us- from passing your interview with a prospective client to getting back on your feet after a failed interview.



Retirement Savings Program

MedVA advocates peace of mind and financial wealth to all Medical VAs. Your plan comes with living and protection benefits. A supreme package compared to none.
Your personalized Retirement plan is a peso-denominated, regular-pay investment-linked life insurance plan. We may not stop you from growing old, but we make sure you’re not poor. This is the true meaning of Growth.



Premium Hourly Rate

We offer our Virtual Medical Assistants $7.00 per hour. We would like to elevate the lives of highly-skilled medical professionals in the country. Less risk, less overhead, and more time for the family. It is really a no-brainer why medical professionals choose MedVA.



In-House Medical Benefit

Health is wealth. We do not just care about your financial, but also your physical well-being. We provide our MedVAs with an HMO after 6 months plus a maximum of P30,000 cash reimbursements (should you exceed the HMO limit ) for admission and hospitalization. We don’t just protect your health, but we also make sure we protect your wallets. Rest assured, we got your back.

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