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Transform your career at MedVA

Medical Receptionist

A Virtual medical receptionist is one of the most common jobs a Medical Virtual Assistant does.

​They can handle all the same tasks as an in-house receptionist, including:

  • ​Receiving incoming calls

  • Forward phone calls to other staff as needed

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmations

  • Insurance Verification and authorization

  • Prescription refills

  • Emailing and coordinating patients

  • Other clerical tasks as needed

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Virtual Team Meeting

Administrative Assistant

Being an administrative staff is one of the most in-demand positions you could have. It may involve the following but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • ​Initial appointment scheduling and appointment confirmation via phone, email, or text

  • Insurance prior authorizations

  • Liaising with other practices for referrals and updating EHR for medical history/ test results (labs, blood tests, and scans)

  • Patient coordination and responding to patient queries

  • Prescription refills

  • And much, much more

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Medical Billing, Claims and Appeal

Medical billing VAs are specially trained in insurance verification, claim submission, insurance authorizations, medical billing, answering patients’ questions about their accounts, and more.

  • ​Pre-authorization for treatments and procedures

  • Specially trained to handle patient billing questions

  • Keeps your payments up-to-date and accurate

  • Organizes financing or payment plans for patients

Smiling Person Typing On Laptop

Medical Scribe | Transcription

Talented in typing? (more than 50 wpm) Or an experienced Medical transcriptionist? Then this job is for you. A Medical scribe comes into a provider’s exam room on your personal computer, listens in, and provides documentation in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

  • ​Provide real-time EMR updates

  • Proper documentation of the patient’s visit

  • Protect the patient’s privacy as you will be listening to/ seeing private information about the patient

  • Have the opportunity to develop a warm and professional relationship with your client

Billing Medical Receptionist (Spanish)

A Bilingual medical receptionist is one of the most common jobs a Medical Virtual Assistant does.

​They can handle all the same tasks as an in-house receptionist, including:

  • ​Receiving incoming calls

  • Forward phone calls to other staff as needed

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmations

  • Coordinating patients

  • Other clerical tasks as needed

Sales Agent

Careers Start & Grow
at MedVA

MedVA does not just help build businesses; we also help create better lives. Our passionate advocacy is embedded in appreciation and love for Filipino talents in the healthcare industry. Undeniably, the Philippines is where hardworking, dedicated, and highly skilled medical professionals are nestled, and we stand with one single truth- great talent and hard work should be appreciated and REWARDED. We do this by offering industry-leading compensation and benefits packages. We offer a premium hourly rate with a premium retirement plan to all our VAs.



Yes, you read it right! Goodbye to the bloody traffic jams, intolerable long MRT/LRT lines, and risk exposure.



We understand that healthcare is not the best in the Philippines. We provide every Medical Virtual Assistant access to an HMO plus monetary reimbursements* for Annual Physical Exam and hospitalization.



Healthcare is one of the largest and most stable industries in the United States. Our career managers will certainly help you become an invaluable asset to your client’s practice that you may be able to thrive and grow together with the organization you are working for.



The MedVA hourly rate is $7.00 for 30-40 hours per week, excluding overtime. Isn't that awesome?



Many Filipino families fail to prepare for their retirement, but we would like to change all that. We don’t want you to go old with us, we want you to grow old with us. We want to invest in you as much as you invest your time and trust with us.



For together we stand, divided we fall. You are not alone and will never be one. We make sure you feel at home and supported once you start with us, we’re sure to have your backs as long as you uphold our core values and maintain your personal integrity.



Our 2-week proprietary training program developed by our founding physicians combines lecture and smart simulations and on-the-job learning. This will help you equip and prepare yourselves in becoming a Medical Virtual Assistant.



We never settle for less nor should you. No one knows more about aligning talent and organizational strategies than us. Our unique expertise will help you unleash the power of your collective genius and bring out your inner drive for superior performance.



We provide a supportive, autonomous, flexible, and diverse atmosphere where each employee can excel in their work and have the strength to face challenges head-on.

 Application Process 

System Requirements


Operating System

Fiber Optic Connection:
50 Mbps or more

Today's technology has brought us to greater heights, and a fast & reliable internet connection is within our reach. Those who
invest in a good one as well as a backup would increase their chances of earning more than 100%.


Computer Processor

Intel i5 (10th Gen or up) | Ryzen 5 (2nd Gen or up) or upper tier processors

Your processor could be any of the 2 companies as long as it has a processing speed of 2.8 GHz or higher and has at least 4 cores. It is essential to have a fast and
multiple-core processor to run clinical applications such as EMRS or EHRS smoothly. (intel atom, intel celeron, or any
AMD chip other than the Ryzen line will not be accepted.)



8 GB or More

Having more memory will allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously and will not cause any slowdown or crash. This will increase your computer speed and productivity, which will cool down your hot

Our 4 Step Process

The more you learn, the more you'll earn.
If you do not have any Virtual Assistant experience but have a medical degree, raw talent, and the willingness to learn, you can take our MedVA training course for free. Our highly- trained career managers will prepare and assist you every step of the way.

1. Application

Applications are sent thru our website.

2. Assessment

An assessment invite will be sent to those who pass the paper screening based on the minimum qualifications.

3. Interview

Those who will pass the assessment will receive an email confirming that they will proceed to the next step which is the interview.

4. Training & Endorsement

After the training, the candidate must also pass the certification. The candidate will then be endorsed to a client who meets the required skill set. A client interview will also take place during this stage.

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